A human that can switch bodies with another person but at the cost of both the person and it's target's life. Their target only dies when it leaves it's

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Fenrir - gigantic wolf

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Weretiger - Half human and half tiger

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List of Mythical Creatures

List of mythical creatures - Monthly Top Ten list of mythical beasts

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Otherwise known as a Sleeping Cat, they appear in the shape of a small kitten about the size of the palm of your hand. The colors depend on the person

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Cougar Wolf

The Cougar Wolf is a small wolf with glowing red eyes and ice white fur. This beast has all the traits of a wolf plus the speed, strength, and agility

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Fairy Elf

Half fairy, half elf creature. When they are born they do not know their element and don't show signs of an element until they start to grow their wings

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The size of a regular wolf, has magic, is a shape-shifter. Male has large dragon wings and females have giant feathery wings. Usually black or silver,

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To shamans they are envoys of misguidance. To the Gaelic they were weeping children, and to the spiritualists residing in east Asia, they were drowning

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Shadow People/Person

Very mysterious and much is unknown about this creature. This creature is mainly a creature that is related to paranormal phenomenon and is usually seen

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